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Facebook – the ubiquitous privacy-invading social network – is taking European Commission regulators to court. The Silicon Valley giant is complaining that an EU investigation is invading its privacy.

That Facebook would sue anyone for invasion of privacy might come across as a bizarre inversion of reality. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has made billions of dollars trafficking in user data, some of it private. While Lamb decried the EU’s collection of its employee’s medical records, Facebook was busted in 2018 for sending a doctor to a number of top US hospitals to convince them to share patients’ medical records.

A week earlier, it came out that the company scans its users’ messages, and in some cases, delved into the chat logs to delete messages its own executives were involved in. Within days of this revelation, Facebook admitted that it tracks people who don’t even sign up for the site, generating so-called “shadow profiles” based on their off-site browsing habits.

All of these rumors and more were confirmed following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in early 2018. In short, the scandal involved a private company using a third-party app to harvest the personal data of some 87 million Facebook users. After the story broke, it emerged that Facebook allowed multiple companies to access private user data, including personal messages.

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